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Pokemon Amie - Richard the Empoleon by arkeis-pokemon Pokemon Amie - Richard the Empoleon by arkeis-pokemon
Joining this group. It's not an oct like the other groups I'm in, so there's more opportunity for single illustrations rather than narrative stuff like comics, and also the chance to RP.


Name: Richard
Pokemon: Empoleon
Birthday: April 15th
Age: 30
Level: 58
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ability: Torrent
Faction: Frou

Moves: Surf / Blizzard / Flash Cannon / Hyper Beam

Battle Stats

Attack: Star! Star! No Star No Star No Star   
Defense: Star! Star! Half Star No Star No Star     
Speed: Star! Star! No Star No Star No Star    
Sp. Attack: Star! Star! Star! Star! Half Star   
Sp. Defense: Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star     

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation: Co-Owner of a Gourmet Dessert Company
Town of Residence: Lumiose City

Appearance: A dapper gentleman who is always dressed in formal attire. He wears a white dress shirt under a blue vest under a black cotton suit. His pants are the same color and material as his suit and his shoes are black and always polished. His satin cravat is light blue which is also the color of his pocket square. He always wears white gloves. On his head he wears a black silk top hat with a golden band. He stands almost 6 feet tall and has brown hair and blue eyes with a pencil mustache and pointed soul patch.

Height: 5'11"



Richard prefers the finer things in life, whether it's food, music, art, or clothing. He prefers an easy-going life and the two most important things to him are money and social status. He enjoys going out in the evening as opposed to staying home, whether it's a gallery opening or a dinner party at Le Wow. Being surrounded by others makes him feel important.
He judges others mainly on their physical appearance and prefers the company of those who dress well and have good hygiene. If you're a part of the Kalos upper class, he is very likely to forge a relationship with you mainly because he believes having wealthy connections can be advantageous to his social standing. He does not like most kids under the age of 13 as he find them to be immature.

He doesn't take battles too seriously and participates in them simply because he can get a lot of attention from spectators. This attention drives him to win because nothing is quite as bad as the humiliation of losing. The prize money is also a good incentive. He prefers powerful moves that deal a lot of damage and thinks non-damaging moves are a waste of time. He has acquired a large collection of TMs and all his current moves are learned from them.


Hatched as a little Piplup in the Resort Area of Sinnoh, Richard was the sole Pokemon of a wealthy socialite. At first, his owner pampered him with the good life. A luxurious villa, gourmet meals three times a day, an indoor gym with a personal trainer, and an enormous backyard pool that would even make Crasher Wake jealous. Everything seemed perfect for years…until he evolved. Although evolution should be celebrated, his owner was less than enthusiastic about this. She even seemed disappointed. Soon enough, his owner married and become pregnant. When the baby came, life for Richard changed completely. His owner concentrated all her attention on her newborn son and rarely gave Richard a second thought. In hindsight, Richard suspected that his owner only used him to fill the role of a child until she had a baby of her own. When he became a Prinplup, he was no longer small and cute and that must be the reason she stopped caring for him.

Although Richard felt more lonely, he was still fed and properly cared for by their servants. He didn't want to give up this comfortable lifestyle just because he wasn't getting as much attention. Yet he was getting tired of being stuck in a big fancy house all day with nothing to do.

One day, the family went on a week-long trip to Kalos and managed to bring Richard along. They were visiting Parfum Palace when Richard wandered off and got lost in a hedge maze at the back of the palace. Hours passed, but his owner never came to look for him. Richard wondered if she even noticed he was missing. He remained in the courtyard of the palace until the next morning when he was found by one of the gardeners.

Afterwards, Richard was given a temporary home in the Pokemon Daycare not far from the palace.  This was where Richard had his first encounter with other Pokemon. However he didn't get along with them. Richard wanted all the attention he could get from the daycare owners and became jealous whenever they focused on the other Pokemon. He hogged food during mealtimes and wouldn't share any of the toys. After a year, he became too much for the owners to handle and they gave him away to a woman who lived in Lumiose City.

This woman, however, wasn't actually a human but a female Gardevoir who had gained a human form because of this technology called Dittech. After hearing Richard's backstory, she told him that his owner was wrong to treat him like a throwaway pet just because he grew up or someone else came into her life. Pokemon deserve every right that humans have and with the Dittech technology, they can actually appear human while still retaining the powers that make them Pokemon. This amazing invention peaked Richard's curiosity, but he only wanted to use it when he was ready and that meant evolving into his final stage.

Fortunately, his new friend was the owner of a gourmet dessert company and several of their recipes involve Rare Candies. Richard agreed to help her out in return for money needed to live as a human and Rare Candies need to grow stronger and evolve. He watched male celebrities on TV and read articles in magazines about how a proper man should look and act. After he evolved, his Gardevoir friend gave him a brand new Dittech on his 26th birthday. He continued to work with her since her business was very successful and Richard's knowledge of finance due to his wealthy upbringing helped boost the company's profits even further.

Relationships: Open

- Takes Rare Candies supplements daily to boost his level.
- His first owner smoked and Richard thought that was the mature thing to do. He can't stand tobacco smoke though, so he opted for a pipe that can blow bubbles instead.
- Prefers to be in his PokeHuman form, but will switch into Pokemon mode during battle to take full advantage of an Empoleon's natural abilities

User Info

Time Zone: EST (GMT -5:00)
Chat Availability: Prefer Skype (username Arkeis). Always available in the evenings after 8 PM. Give me time to form replies.

Roleplay example:
The waitress finally arrived with the soup after what seemed like an eternity. It was his favorite appetizer - Kalos onion soup. Richard put the first spoonful in his mouth and savored the taste. He then immediately spit it back out.


He took a glance at the bowl. Indeed, the soup was filled with particles of sand. And so was the table. And there was sand on his suit as well. In fact, there was sand flying around everywhere. Sand and fire.

Richard turned around and found the source of all this. Two trainers were in the middle of a heated battle. One had a Delphox, waving around a wand full of flames, and another had a Hippowdon with sand spewing out of its back.

Of all the times to conduct a battle, why now? But this wasn't the first time a battle took place while Richard was trying enjoy a meal. Cafe Le Wow was not only famous for its fine cuisine, but also for its fabulous battle opportunities as trainers waited for their meals. In fact, the fee to engage in these battles was very lucrative for the restaurant. Still, Richard wished trainers who had Pokemon with weather abilities would have the courtesy to not use them indoors. His type gave him immunity to sandstorms, but his first course was ruined.

If he wanted to enjoy the rest of the meal he a high amount of money paid for, he had to stop the battle. Richard dusted off his suit and approached the dueling trainers.
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But they'll probably reopen admissions later in the year
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